Head for the Hills

It’s sunny. 70 degrees. I’m in San Francisco. Nike’s flown me out for this weekend’s “Global Running Summit” and, while I’m here, I’m signed up to run the half in the Nike Women’s Marathon, just a week after finishing my first marathon. After yesterday’s exuberant run in Chicago, I’m starting to think, should I try and do the full marathon again this weekend? Once I start thinking that way, it can be trouble.

Running in San Francisco’s a whole ‘nother deal than Chicago. I step out of my hotel downtown and see a hill across the street. Of course I want to run up it. Halfway up, sanity returns for a second—I just did a marathon Sunday, and I’m racing Sunday and I don’t EVER run hills. What if my muscles react in such a way I can’t run Sunday? I turn off the hill and follow what seems to be a flat course. Then I turn toward “home”—my hotel—and have little choice about course, since a wayward run and I’m lost. Look at this: I have to ascend Nob Hill whether I like it or not. Epic. Soon I discover that running down a steep hill is a challenge of another kind.

Providence has intervened. I’m sticking to the half on Sunday.

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