The 2022 List

Wherein I attempt to rank every show I’ve seen this year, a running list as the year unfolds, regardless of genre (theater, music, dance). Note, the company I keep is not a factor, though it often redeems the lesser of such evenings. If I’ve written about them, links are provided. If I published a review, it is linked.

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Fema Kuti/Millennium Park/June 20

Good Night, Oscar/Goodman Theatre/March 21

Somewhere Over the Border/Teatro Vista/May 19

Luminaire/Cabaret ZaZou/September 23

Lion King/Broadway in Chicago/November 18

Dear Evan Hansen/Broadway in Chicago/December 9

To Kill A Mockingbird/Broadway in Chicago/May 18

Relentless/TimeLine Theatre/January 27

Bald Sisters/Steppenwolf/December 11

Hadestown/Broadway in Chicago/March 2

Beyond  Borders/Joffrey Ballet/October 12

A Day in the Country/Hideout/June 12

The Most Spectacularly Lamentable Trial of Miz Martha Washington/Steppenwolf/September 11

The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci/Goodman Theatre/February 22

Mendelssohn Reformation Symphony/Grant Park Music Festival/June 18

King James/Steppenwolf/March 15

The Brightness of Light/Lyric Opera/October 8

Campaigns, Inc/TimeLine Theatre August 10

Swing State/Goodman Theatre/October 16

Sons of Hollywood/Windy City Playhouse/February 3

Six, the Musical/Broadway in Chicago/April 12

Wicked/Broadway in Chicago/September 29

Serenade & Of Mice and Men/Joffrey Ballet/April 27

The Devil Wears Prada, The Musical/Broadway in Chicago/August 7

Skates/Studebaker Theater/June 5

This Is Only A Test/Broken Nose Theatre/February 14