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10-10-10 Minus 5 Life Interferes

Got up and finished writing this review of Rachel Toor’s fine running memoir, then three miles again.

A beautiful week, isn’t it? I think runners from elsewhere may be rolling into town. Why? At Starbucks this morning, busier than usual during my off-peak visit. A couple of guys are standing and talking, with coffee, blocking the line. The door opens. Boisterous greetings, along the lines of “Oh boy, are you running?”

I am jealous. I want to hang out at coffeehouses this week and greet fellow runners. Instead, my day was deadline. Except for my half hour running and the daily necessities, I worked from 6am past 10pm. But no more deadline days before the race.

The Chicago Marathon is now sending a daily email with race details. I should read them closely but assume everything’s like it was last year. I may be sorry. Today we got the one that explains the color coding for race conditions that was implemented after the 2007 race, when temperatures hit the high eighties and the race was shut down early. This year, we’re code green. So far.

Green is good.

10-10-10 minus 7 What if I Get Injured?

This is it: the countdown week till the marathon. The weather is starting to look like it might even be on the warm side next Sunday, which I normally love, but is not great for Jan.

No run today, but I played in my weekly basketball game. I had an unusual (for me) panic this morning, when I started worrying about injuring myself at hoops. Though guys, younger guys, seem to get injured in our game at the rate of one every other week or so, I’ve never had any problems worse than a seriously jammed finger. So I’ve never even thought about things like this, but it hit me this morning what a letdown it might be for Jan if I couldn’t run as planned with her. (And what  a devastation it would be for me: I’m really looking forward to the race this year and accomplishing this together.) I decided to take it easy. Injuries seem to strike late in the game, when everyone’s fatigued so I dropped out early, after about seventy minutes ( we play about two hours).

I’m reading “Personal Record: A Love Affair with Running” by Rachel Toor. On the bus home after basketball, I read chapter 17 (the book is divided into 26 chapters, natch), which starts out, “Run long enough and you will be injured.” Good karma, I thought as I read that chapter, on injury, that I left basketball early. Continue reading